• SKU: 5961
    Domanel – Anti-Frizz Lisciante Fluid 300ml 10.14 oz $21.81

    This is a smoothing product that smoothes and straightens wavy, misshapen, frizzy, curly and frizzy hair.

    It gives the hair greater permanence in drying and eradicates static.


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  • SKU: 1677
    HAIR PLUS – 8oz straightener $20.99
    • Ideal when you are in the transition from straight to natural hair,
    • this Straightener helps you mainly with unruly scalp.
  • HAIR PLUS – BIG LINE $262.93
    • Stimulates growth
    • More brightness
    • Zero split ends
    • compound rosemary, honey, aloe vera, onion
    • 100% natural ingredients multiple benefits for hair.
    • More brightness
    • Zero split ends
    • Stimulates growth

    This contains herbal rosemary, honey, aloe vera and onion, 100% natural ingredients and has multiple benefits for hair.


  • HAIR PLUS – ANTI FRIZZ $164.99
    • Stimulates growth
    • More brightness
    • Zero split ends
    • stimulates growth
    • zero split ends
    • more brightness
    • 100% natural ingredients


  • HAIR PLUS – SMALL LINE $238.99

    Hair Vitality Kit Give yourself the hair you’ve always wanted!

    Discover the secret behind radiant and healthy hair with our Hair Vitality Kit. This complete collection of products has been carefully designed to revitalize, nourish and strengthen your hair from roots to ends. From our Growth Shampoo and Conditioner to our Hair Loss Control Serum and Nourishing Mask, each product is formulated with high-quality ingredients to promote stronger, shinier and more bouncy hair. Experience the hair transformation you’ve always wanted with our Hair Vitality Kit.

    Kit Benefits:

    • Hair growth promotion
    • Reduction of hair loss
    • Hydration and nutrition
    • Frizz control
    • Strengthening and repair
    • 100% natural ingredients and free of chemicals and sulfates
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